"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above."- James 1:17. 

Babygearz was founded in 2005 by Rad & Jules, under the parent company, GENEXIS.

In 2007, the gift of a sling carrier taught us the importance of babywearing and attachment parenting, (a term coined by Dr William Sears, a paediatrician). Subsequently, the interest in babywearing propelled us to research on many types of baby carriers in the market slings, SSC (soft-structured carrier), frame carrier, pouches, mei tais.

Through much researching and testing, we eventually concluded that SSC is the most effective baby carrier among all the others. It provided the best weight distribution for the wearer, which is the key factor in babywearing. Well informed and experienced, we started babygarzTM to promote babywearing. Shortly after, we also developed and conceptualized the babyќolTM Versatile, G2 and launched the latest G3 series, the first ever pixelised camouflaged design carrier in the market, with Foot Stirrups, Infant Snap-on and Climate Window, all in one carrier!

Our products are ergonomically designed for the comfort of both the wearer and the child. Much thought and passion for SSC impel us to design our babyќolTM carriers and we are confident that babywearing will eventually result in effective attachment parenting that aids in the mental, physical and emotional development of your child.

Our mission is to promote babywearing through our babyќolTM carriers. Join us in this challenging yet rewarding parenting journey...with our hands-free babyќolTM carrier that is both portable and functional.

We value our customers and do give us feedback and reviews through email, or Facebook, on how we can further improve on our carriers.  

Thank you.
Rad & Jules
Founders of Babygearz

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