Babywearing Safety / Disclaimer

bbygarζ products are professionally manufactured and inspected. However,
your baby's safety is still your own responsibility. Please inspect your sling or carrier
before its first use and thereafter for signs of wear and tear. Please stop using it if
you encounter any potential problems.

Read all printed instructions that come with your carrier. Ensure that you know
how to use your carrier correctly and that you keep a firm grip on your baby
at all times when placing or removing the child from the carrier or bending
over. Do not engage in any hazardous activities while babywearing such
as driving, riding, rock climbing etc. While using the carrier, do keep your
baby away from any heat source, hot food and drinks, etc.

Do practice babywearing over a soft or well-cushioned surface and ensure
baby is properly secured. Always hold your baby firmly when putting or taking
the child out from the carrier. When using the carrier, ensure that your baby's
face is not covered by the fabric and that the baby's chin is not forced
against her chest.

* bbygarζ disclaims any liability from injury resulting from improper
use of your sling or carrier.

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